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Service Pest Control Terms & Conditions


General: Use of any of our services or products constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Payment: Service Pest Control require payment of invoices within the number of days stated on commencement of work and the number of days stated on the invoice. Service Pest Control reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at 8% per day above the Bank of England base rate plus administration and recovery costs incurred. In the event of any queries, telephone within 24 hours and confirm in writing within 72 hours. If an appointment is not kept by the customer there will be a charge of £29.00.

Credit Terms: Service Pest Control credit facility is extended to certain clients. Service Pest Control reserve the right to credit check applicants. The credit period and payment plan agreed is non-negotiable. Failure to keep to the payment plan or late payments will result in the credit agreement being void and all monies becoming due immediately, there may also be an interest charge set at the base rate by The Bank of England.

Service: Service Pest Control are committed to providing exemplary service. Please tell us if we fall short of that deal.

Privacy: Service Pest Control will not sell or knowingly disclose details about our clients. We will endeavour to protect the privacy of our clients and their information that we have stored. Service Pest Control will only disclose information as necessary to comply with an order from a court of law. Service Pest Control may, from time to time, contact customers in it's quest to extent it's first class customer service.

Copyright: Service Pest Control retains copyright on any designs and literature produced by us.

Services Issues: Service Pest Control will give a 3 month guarantee on certain works carried out but reserve the right to cancel the guarantee if they deem necessary or if the client does not act upon any issues raised. We reserve the right to cancel any guarantee without notice.

Cancellation: An order can be cancelled if the work has not begun and or purchase of external services secured. After that period, full payment will be due as per confirmation. Written notice of one month is required for cessation of recurring services. Service Pest Control reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order it deems unsuitable.

Equipment: From time to time we will be required to leave our equipment at your property, if the equipment is not returned or not returned to us in full working order, we will invoice you for the cost of this equipment. 

Liability: Service Pest Control will not be liable for any misfortune to health or even death caused by any of the products used or works carried out by us. Service Pest Control will not be liable for; any loss or damage, economic loss, including loss of profits, business revenue and goodwill. We will not be liable for any damaged caused to properties by vermin or materials used by us. We will not be liable for loss or damage to any items supplied or held by us. We will not be held liable if any claim is made against the client by a third party. Service Pest Control will not be liable for any act or omission of the client, the company or any third party supplier. Service Pest Control is not liable for any matters beyond our control.

Invalidity: If any part of this agreement were adjudged to be void or unworkable, all other parts continue in force.

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