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Pest Control Enfield


We offer a wide range of treatments, including organic and humane options which are now available. Whether you require pest  control for your family home, a rented property,  a restaurant,  a shop, a commercial or industrial property, we can offer you a treatment plan to suit your own needs at competitive rates. All of our technicians are RSPH trained, so you are in safe hands. 

WHAT WE DO.......

We assess each property on an individual basis, for example not all rodent infestations require the use of poisons or traps, this is because each environment and situation is different. We only use poisons when necessary or it is requested by our customers, because we use the safest and most humane options first.

We know pest control can be costly so we will always be honest and try the most effective option first. Nearly 70% of our new customers are from recommendations from our previous customers. We will always do our best for you, your family and your business. . 

We only use the safest and best professional products available.

Service Pest Control are a leading pest control company for commercial, industrial and residential properties, offering a wide range of services and solutions which include; hygiene, fumigation and pesticide free alternatives. 

The pest control industry is changing and also technology has changed. We have traps that alert us by email or text, when rodents are caught, it is not only smart for our business but also for yours and it is approved by all agencies and pest control associations such as the councils and other environmental agencies. 

We also offer steam treatments rather than fumigations, which are completely organic and safe for the environment. 

Our technicians are qualified in health and hygiene, which is paramount, especially for commercial and industrial premises. 

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